Saturday, January 14, 2012


In my makeup career I have always been on the look out for great brushes at a decent price. I believe its all in the brushes, the brushes make the techniques, that place the color, that make the look.

I have purchased, ELF brushes (which i find for the most part to be GREAT), ECO Tools (also a great pick), ULTA brand brushes (brush hair fell out all over), Target brand brushes (love the blending crease brush, I believe its UP & UP brand), FASH brushes (HATE EM! Love their 120 palette though) and Sonia Kashuk brushes (AMAZING).

Sonia Kashuk brushes are sold exclusively at TARGET Stores and 

The Sonia Kashuk brushes seem to be the most professional "drug store" makeup brushes on the market. I had always been curious as to try them but never wanted to shell out the $8-$15 per brush, that was until I came across the brush sets.

These brush sets will run you anywhere from $12.99-$19.99 and it is not a "you get what you pay for" situation. Each set comes with no less then three brushes, usually a large brush like a blush or face brush, a blending brush, and a few eyeshadow brushes.

These brushes are so soft, the hairs NEVER fell out, and all brushes density depend on exactly what they are meant to do. I absolutely love these brushes.

Even after cleanings the bristles remained soft and smooth and never dried out, something that concerned me when I was cleaning them.

I give these brushes an A+