Friday, December 30, 2011

Designer Clothing


A little something I would like to share with you:

Something that I vividly remember all throughout my school days was the huge emphasis on brand names, the logos, and style. As a kid I was brought up to wear Kmart clothes and shoes, never seeing a name brand in my closet until my junior year of high school!

My style did not evolve until damn near 21 when I started putting outfits together, accessorizing, and getting into makeup, this is when i started to become brand conscious. EVERYTHING i owned at this time had a logo, and an expensive price tag! I thought it was the only way to have anything stylish because someone else designed it for me.

While short on cash, I started selling my old designer clothing and started shopping online, off the clearance racks, and even looking at places which I would have never considered in my designer days: Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, JCPenney, all of which have great plain clothing that you can dress up or down with accessories, shoes, etc.

Great alternatives to brand name shopping:

Plato's Closet: Of course you knew I was going to bring up Plato’s. Plato’s closet is a resale shop where you can buy used clothing or sell your gently used clothing. Plato’s seems to only accept clothing from the affordable mall stores: Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, and Forever 21 etc. This is a great place to look however, sometimes I feel as though the price I am paying for used clothing is more then I would pay for new threads.

Shopping out of season/Off the clearance racks: If you have the money to do this i would advise doing so. Styles don’t change THAT much within the year and with that being said, coats, sweaters, tank tops, and tees are all going to be in style no matter what. Shopping out of season means you will have it for the next year, at a clearance price.

Designing your own clothing: You know how much that pair of distressed jeans cost at Hollister? You can do that yourself. Buy some used jeans, or some off the clearance rack take a razor, some bleach, a cheese grater, whatever, and go to town.

EBay: EBay is a great alternative to buying brand new full retail priced designer clothing. Juicy Couture, BEBE, Guess, and all other brands are being bid on and sold on EBay every day. Just search for the brand you’re looking for and I can almost guarantee you can find what you’re looking for.

Online Prices/Clearance: Online prices vary from the actual store price, I suggest signing up for different stores emails which sometimes offer 50% off select items and even sometimes free shipping. Items online also differ from what is being sold in the store so you may find merchandise you like better on the website. The clearances deals seem to be better to will extra percentages off or buy one get ones. This site is literally what it says; everything is $5.99 or less! It sells jewelry, hosiery, hand bags, dresses, tops, and pants. Everything is from close out clearance of different brands and is all brand new clothing. Shipping is standard on all items I believe its $6.99, but everything else is way beyond worth the price. I guarantee everyone can find SOMETHING they like on this site.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will try some of my suggestions!